The 7th Hymn

The 7th Hymn is a fantastic world, a gossamer of thoughts and ideas.

The 7th Hymn is a game, a What-if.

The 7th Hymn is a fictional world, a work of art.


What  is this supposed to be?

"The 7th Hymn" is the name of a setting developed as a background for a role-playing game and the mere joy and hobby of building worlds.

The Toraja - a world of magic, science and monsters

The centre of the  7th Hymn is a small, earth-like planet, called "Toraja" by its inhabitants.

The Toraja is an earth-like world and humans represent the only widespread and culture-creating species; there are some other, human-like beings such as things like satyrs, harpies, kind of dwarves or man-eating ogres, but these are the offspring of humans altered by the corruption of magic.

The magic of this world originates in the Otherdark, an intangible world somehow connected to the Toraja - another dimension or plane of existence, teeming with spirits, from which the Primevals once emerged to subjugate the world. Wizards play with fire, so to speak, because every time they bend or break the laws of physics through the power of the Otherdark, the Otherdark swallows up a bit more of reality. 

But before the Primevals turned the world upside down, the Toraja was something else entirely: the hope of a troubled humanity who left their Old Earth to find a new home on a distant exoplanet, a second Earth.

They were the "First People", whose strange buildings and machines could still be found long after the chaos and corruption caused by the Primevals.

However, their descendants, thrown back by the Great Corruption to a prehistoric level of technology, have forgotten most about their origins. For the inhabitants of Toraja, the First People are just a myth, the legend of a golden age, and the legacies of these mythical First People are seen as magical artefacts or divine relics.

The Adventure awaits!

The 7th Hymn is also the setting for tabletop RPGs that I play with my friends. We currently use the "Cypher System" by Monte Cook Games.