Constructing an imaginary world.

For me, world building is a hobby where I can relax, try out new ideas and understand other points of view.

This project is not a world as I would like it to be, not a utopia. I try to imagine how human societies develop when certain variables are different, and for that I also give the inhabitants of my world views and attitudes that are contrary to me as a liberal-democratic person.

This project is not an attempt to present a scientifically correct, alternative reality: It is a work of art and fiction. Nevertheless, I strive for coherence within my world-building.

I have summarised a few principles for this project for you under "Guidelines", more content about my world will follow as soon as my time allows me to translate it into English - there is already plenty of material in German (external link).

If you have any questions or would like to get any comments off your chest, feel free to contact me on Instagram, DeviantArt or by email!