"The idea that one or even more extra-Torajan civilizations have influenced us, our history, indeed our genes, is hereby proven."
- Herechas Nekides (quotation from a speech at the congress "Strange Antiquity - Gods, Ghosts & Spacemen" 1978)

Unknown for centuries, still disputed today and dismissed as a conspiracy theory: the origin of Torajan societies lies in the far reaches of space.

On a planet well known to us:

Earth ...

... of the day after tomorrow

But the First People became a myth and Earth was forgotten.

What we left behind

In 2332, seven spaceships set out to find a new home on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, but what home did they leave behind?

A new home

The colonisation of the Earth-like planet, which was somewhat prosaically called "Earth-2", was an adventure and a risk for the colonists, but it also held out a new hope for humanity.

Fragments of colonial history

Six ships reached their destination and began colonizing the planet. Bases were established, research expeditions were sent out, people began to settle in - and to feel at home. A first generation of "Alpha Centaurians" was born and grew up. The first bases became settlements. The small colonies became something like states.