A new Home

The colonisation of the Earth-like planet, which was somewhat prosaically called "Earth-2", was an adventure and a risk for the colonists, but it also held out a new hope for humanity.

According to the protocols established for the colonisation of Mars, which had been adapted for a planet with better living conditions, colonisation began with the planet fall of the colony ships, which were to form the starting point for further outposts and daughter colonies.

At the core of the Known World, it was the lead ship that made Planet Fall and, with Colony One, formed the central coordination point for the settlement of the new home.

Colony One: "Central"

Colony One (NASA-LS1-C1) or commonly referred to as "Central" was the "capital" of The First People and was the first settlement they founded on Toraja in the Gulf of Nexos. The colony's sphere of influence extended further northwest across the Phalopos, roughly to Abasteon.

The colony was not only the first on Toraja, but also the first to perish due to the Colonial Civil War and the Great Corruption of the First People: it was sunk into the waters of the sea.

Posterity remembered Colony One as the mythical "Kol Nywan", the "silver city between the waves", the legendary enemy of the first Phalopians.


Forge (NASA-LS1-C1/2) was founded on the isle of Zaphyre, which was called "New Cyprus" by The First People. It developed into a centre of mining, metalworking and engineering and extended its influence into the territory of the later Charyrians.

The decline of Forge came as a result of the corruption that spread particularly rapidly here through the machines of the First People, which permanently destroyed the barrier between this world and the Othererdark.

Posterity remembered Forge as "Fodsh"


Arcadia (NASA-LS1-C1/3)  covered the area of what later became Erseva, the main colony being in the hills between Velosija and Nephalija.  It was dominated by the powerful "Biologists' Guild", which conducted agricultural as well as medical and genetic manipulative research.

The colony's decline came during the Great War, when Biologists' Guild was corrupted by the Primeval Bogora-Ma and Arcadia became a target for other colonies, especially Forge.

The colony was almost completely forgotten, although individual relics in Phyta, Venuva or Velosija became the nucleus of later settlements. The Biologists' Guild later became the cornerstone of the Ersevan Aspharim cult, whose god, Aspharim, traces back to an important researcher, Ephraim Savala - and in the form of the "Arkada", the "Stone of the Sage", a mythical artifact of the Aspharim cult.


Savannah (NASA-LS1-C1/4)  was located in the area of southern Kythia, the colony itself in the area of the later Mungon tribe. The colony perished during the Colonial Civil War of The First People, but survived in the form of "Safan", the heavenly paradise of the Kythian religion.


Eldorado (NASA-LS1-C1/5) was located in the area of what later became Demar, the colony itself near what later became the city of Ga'ai.

It was mainly dominated by mining and, in addition to gold and silver, mined rare earths, which is why it was an important trading partner, especially for Forge. It perished in the Colonial Civil War and was forgotten by the later people; only the magnificent golden representative buildings remained in memory as the "Golden Heaven" of the later Demarian religion.


Urania's (NASA-LS1-C1/6) sphere of influence stretched across the Arbaricum and had its capital where Brassa (the later "Korkarras") was later founded. It perished during the Great War, most of the First People of this colony were corrupted by Zak'Iq and became the first Varwulfir.

New Eden

Located in what would later become Kaphtenu, New Eden (NASA-LS1-C1/7), itself sandwiched between Kophal and Retun, was a paradisiacal garden that perished in the atomic fire of the Colonial Civil War.

Where once lay the magnificent colony, later stretched only blighted desert. The colony fell into oblivion and left no significant traces in later cultures. Except for a few, little concrete memories of a lost paradise.